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What to consider when selecting the HPLC / GC vial insert?

Volume: 0.2ml, 0.3ml, 0.4ml
Usage: Laboratory Analysis
OEM: Available
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Sample: Free
Color: Transparent
Size: 5x29mm or 6x31mm
Packing: 100pcs/pk
Features: Conical inserts with polymer feet are self-centering and have a cushion against needle penetration.


Limited-volume inserts are an economical solution when sample sizes are limited and auto sample feeders are used. Most autosamplers have a set depth, and the sample needle can enter the vial without hitting the bottom. Even if the available sample size is very small, the micro insert increases the depth of the sample in the sample vials.


three types of micro insert

1. Insert Shape and Point Style

The type of HPLC/GC sample vial insert selected depends on the amount of sample available and the amount of residue after sampling.


spring insert of hplc vials

The conical glass insert has a tapered bottom with a pull tip and can be carried with or without plastic polypropylene springs. The spring acts as a shock absorber during needle insertion and raises the insert above the bottom of the vial to increase sample recovery.

flat bottom of hplc vials insert

Flat-bottomed glass inserts have the largest capacity and are the most economical. These blades are cylindrical and have a flat bottom.


2. Solvent compatibility

Type I borosilicate glass plug-ins are most commonly used for trace analysis in chromatography.

Polypropylene plug-ins are cheaper than glass and are suitable for applications involving pH-sensitive samples.


3. Size of the autosampler vial

Selecting an incorrect size autosampler sample vial insert can result in poor reproducibility between sample injections, damage to the autosampler needle, and inadequate sealing between the spacer and the sample bottle.


micro insert suits for 8-425 hplc vials


The blade dimensions listed in the article refer to the outer diameter and length. The 5mm insert is used in the sample vials for the standard mouth and the 6mm insert is used for the wide-mouthed sample vial. The length of the insert should be flush with the neck of the vial to prevent the insert from causing the cushion to swell.


micro insert suits for 9-425 hplc vials

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