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Screw Top 9mm HPLC Vials

Item: Screw Top 9mm HPLC Vials
Capacity Recommend: 1.5ml Standard 2ml
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Sample: Provided Freely
OEM: Available
Characteristic: Consistency at quantification levels
Highly reproducible for samples >120µL
Long-term sample stability for most analytes
High solvent compatibility for mainstream HPLC and GC applications
Compatible with standard HPLC and GC autosamplers


Screw Top 9mm HPLC Vials for HPLC system with bonded septa caps. Including 100pcs Clear/amber bottles 32×11.6mm made of borosilicate glass, 2ml lab vials 9-425 screw thread, Flat base Sample Vials; Made out of USP TYPE I Glass.

Screw Top 9mm HPLC Vials

The Screw Top 9mm HPLC Vials is generally divided into low boron and neutral, the difference is that the content of borosilicate and the physical and chemical properties of the glass are also different. Aijiren can provide sample vials of two materials. For high-throughput laboratories, low borosilicate glass is recommended.


At Aijiren, we appreciate the demands of today’s HPLC, LC/MSand GC analysis for quality, reliability, and cleanliness. Our Screw Top 9mm HPLC Vials and closures are designed to ensure contamination-free sample handling and trouble-free autosampler operation.

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