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OEM 20ml clear headspace vials online from Aijiren

Iso9001 vial gc supplier manufacturer wholesales-Aijiren Hplc

Iso9001 crimp vial supplier- Aijiren Crimp Vials With ISO:9001 and SGS approved, Zhejiang Aijiren Technologies Co.,Ltd. has been manufactured chromatography consumables for more than 10 years. With 10,000 sqm plant and 100,000 class clean shop, Aijiren manufactures more than 500 products, such as HPLC vials, GC Vials, TOC Vials, syringe filters.

20ml headspace gas chromatography with closures online

20 ml Crimp Headspace Vials Round bottom, 100pcs - Products. 2021 - 05 - 17. 20 ml CHS vial for headspace autosamplers. CHS vial is intended to be used with the most common headspace autosamplers worldwide, DANI – with models Master, HSS8650, and their OEM version under the code G1888 anad 7694E. Because CHS vial has got rounded bottom, it is

Headsapce vial-Aijiren Vials for HPLC/GC

Aijiren focus on improving the safety and integrity of our Headspace vial. Aijiren provide innovative 20mL 20mm Crimp-Top Headspace Vial to ensure consistent productivity in all separation processes. These 20mL 20mm Crimp-Top Headspace Vial are the best choice for GC. 20mL 20mm Crimp-Top Headspace Vialmade of borosilicate glass.

20ml clear headspace vials price for analysis instrument VWR

20mL Crimp-top Headspace Vial, Flat Bottom, 22.5*75.5mm 20mL Crimp-top Headspace Vial, Round Bottom, 22.8*75.5mm White PTFE/White Silicone Septa, 20mm Crimp-top Aluminum Cap, 10mm Centre Hole Temperature Resistant -60℃-200℃

OEM 20ml headspace vials with round bottom online-Aijiren

Thermo Scientific National Unassembled Headspace Convenience Kits are available for the most popular vial and seal combinations. Includes 100 vials and 100 seals with prefitted septa. 20 ml round bottom vials. Clear vials are made of Type 1 borosilicate glass with 20 mm crimp seal finish and are designed to fit most headspace autosamplers.

Zhejiang Aijiren Technology Inc. - Autosampler vial and

Aijiren Technology offers a complete range of consumable for GC, HPLC and Headspace analysis. This comprises vials, septa, seals, filters, crimpers and other accessories. Besides all standard items for almost all common instruments in the chromatography market, Aijiren also carries out special production runs of vials, septa and combination

Headspace Vial - Hplc Vials

Headspace Vial. Headspace vial manufactured from Borosilicate glass by Aijiren. Headspace vial can be available in 6ml - 20ml. Clear or Amber can be choose. Screw Thread Headspace Vials use a 1.25 mm average wall thickness, which offers more reliability when internal pressures build. Our Headspace Vials meet or exceed OEM standards.

Aijiren Vials - Autosampler Vials,Headspace Vials

ND20 crimp headspace gc vial. 20mm Crimp Top Headspace Vial. 20ml precision thread headspace vial. 10ml precision threaded headspace vial with magnetic screw cap. Aijiren 10ml Threaded Headspace Vial Precision Threaded Vial. 9mm high recovery vials, screw neck. 9mm thread screw neck vial, pp, 1.5ml. Plastic hplc vials, 9mm screw neck with caps.

glass headspace vials 20 ml with aluminium cap VWR-Aijiren

1-4mL Autosampler Vials for HPLC, UPLC, GC 16mm, 25mm Test Tubes for Water Analysis 6-20mL GC Headspace Vials 8-60mL EPA Storage Vials HPLC Syringe Filters 1.5mL 11mm Snap Ring Autosampler Vial ND11 Material: USP Type 1, Class A, 33 Borosilicate Glass

clear vial septa cap for wholesales Alibaba-Aijiren HPLC Vials

Aug 01, 2022 · 18/9/2020 · 2ml clear hplc vial caps for sale online-Aijiren HPLC Vials 2mL HPLC Clear Vials, Screw . Part 5 Autosamper Vial Product List (Bestsellers) 1. Screw 8-425 (8mm, N8) HPLC Vial, Cap, Septa and Inserts . They are made with a 5.5 mm opening. These vials are

headspace vials, sample storage vials, epa voa toc vials

EPA TOC Sample Storage Vials (Part of Products) 10 means 10ml, 20 means 20ml, 30 means 30ml, 40 means 40ml, 8 means 8ml, etc. VA is screw headspace vial, VH is crimp headspace vial, R is stand for Round Bottom. For Example: V2015,20 means 20ml, 1 means clear color, 5 means 5.0 type, so V2015 means 20ml clear EPA vial , 5.0 type.

vial, closure

Zhejiang Aijiren is a one of the largest laboratory consumables manufacturer in south of China, which mainly supply HPLC vial, GC vial, Headspace vial, Closures and septa, pad and lid for vial, micro-inserts, micro-vial, COD test tube, EPA vial, TOC vial, Glass reagent bottle, syringe filters and other lab consumables.

OEM 20ml headspace vials with screw caps

Shimadzu Scientific US Webstore - Vials, 20ml . Package of 20ml clear headspace round bottom vials with 18mm magnetic screw caps (silver in color) and Silicone/PTFE Septa. Cap: Magnetic 18mm Screw Cap. Septa: Silicone (Transparent Blue)/PTFE (White), 45 shore A, 1.3mm, Vial Deminsions: 20mL, 75.5. Chromatography Vials - Headspace GC Vial 20 ml with

headspace screwtop 20ml clear vials-Vials Wholesaler

Catalog number: 6ASV20-1. Use Thermo Scientific™ SureSTART™ 20 mL Glass Screw Top Headspace Vials, Performance Level 2, in your high-throughput volatile gas analyses. Our screw top headspace vials are a novelty in a crimp-neck dominated field. They provide a ready-to-use, convenient solution that does not require crimping or decrimping tools.

clear 20ml 5.0 borosilicate glass headspace vials with flat

OEM 20ml clear gc vials with crimp top manufacturer from Aijiren-Aijiren HPLC Vials 300uL Micro-Insert, 31*6mm Clear, Flat Bottom, Suits for 11mm Crimp-Top Vials: 250uL Conical Micro-Insert, 31*5.7mm, Suits for 11mm Crimp-Top Vials: 250uL Micro-Insert with Mandrel Interior, & Polymer Feet, 29*5.7mm, Suits for 11mm Crimp-Top Vials: 0.3mL

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