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9mm HPLC Vials 2ml

Name: 9mm HPLC Vials 2ml
Size: D11.6*H32mm (9-425)
Septa: Φ9*1.5mm
Capacity Recommend: 1.5ml Standard 2ml
Sample: Provided Freely
Characteristic: Consistency at quantification levels
Highly reproducible for samples >120µL
Long-term sample stability for most analytes
High solvent compatibility for mainstream HPLC and GC applications
Compatible with standard HPLC and GC autosamplers


As we all know, the price of a 2ml HPLC vial is equal to its quality. While it’s important to find bargains when buying 2ml HPLC vials, some buyers ignore the quality of 2ml vials in pursuit of low prices. The purchasing manager is advised to purchase suitable sample bottles from the experimental structure.

9mm HPLC Vials 2ml

For sample storage closed top screw closures (without center hole) should be used. Generally, these also need an elastomeric liner for sealing 2ml HPLC vials with liquid samples tightly.

Item 9mm HPLC Vials 2ml Septa Cap
Size D11.6*H32mm (9-425) Φ9*1mm Φ9mm
Capacity Recommend 1.5ml Standard 2ml ———— ———-
Material Borosilicate  Glass PTFE Silicone/PE PP/Aluminum
Color Clear/Amber Red/Blue/Natural Blue/Black/others
temperature -60℃-200℃ -60℃-200℃ -60℃-200℃
Performance Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Temperature Resistance


Vials:100 Pieces with Heat-shrinkable plastic box+Carton


Applications of 2ml HPLC vial

applications of 2ml hplc vials

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