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9mm HPLC Test Vial

Item: 9mm HPLC Test Vial
Capacity Recommend: 1.5ml Standard 2ml
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Sample: Provided Freely
OEM: Available
Characteristic: Consistency at quantification levels


Aijiren’s 9mm HPLC Test Vial and caps have strict size standards and can be matched with various autosamplers such as Agilent, Waters, and Varian. The sample bottles are all made of grade 1 borosilicate glass. Septa uses PTFE / Silicone, which is soft and sealed, very durable, and has a variety of options.

9mm HPLC Test Vial

9mm HPLC Test Vial is made from 51-expansion glass which has a different chemical composition and higher free ion content. Aijiren distributes vials around the world with door-to-door service. 

Product name 9mm HPLC Test Vial
Volume 1.5ml-2ml
Vial Size 12*32mm
Vial Material First grade hydrolyzed glass, Borosilicate glass

First grade hydrolyzed glass
First grade hydrolyzed glass

Vial Color Clear and Amber
Using HPLC
Cap Size 9mm
Cap Material PP
Septa Material PTFE/Silicone
Packing 100pcs packed in one box

All lab consumables of Aijiren Tech are 100% integrity tested and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. If you have any requirement for a 9mm HPLC Test Vial. Please contact Aijiren.

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