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2015 The 13th Analitika Exhibition

Range of exhibition:
Analytical equipment, control and measuring instruments, laboratory furniture, chemical reagents and consumables, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, biological analysis
Exhibition theme
1. Analysis and quality control
Instrument analysis;Electrochemical measurement method;Emission spectrum analysis, photometry, X-ray analysis and others ; Mass spectrometry; Radioactivity measurement method;Other; Soft equipment; Microscope and optical image processing;Test and measurement technology; Material test;Quality control
2. Laboratory technology
Laboratory equipment and technology; Laboratory furniture;Laboratory automation / robot; Laboratory data processing system, software;Auxiliary laboratory equipment;Chemical reagents and materials;Consumable materials;Standardization, certification and laboratory certification;Personal and collective protective equipment

3. Biotechnology / Bioscience / Diagnostics
Biometric;Biochemistry;Biological treatment and biological system design;Biotechnology Equipment Biotechnology and Bioscience Laboratory Equipment;Medical research diagnosis;This rage in the laboratory;Rapid histopathology;Bioinformatics;Industrial Biotechnology
4. Nanotechnology
Nano analysis;Nanomaterials;Nanometer instrument;Nano system;Components